Thursday, December 17, 2009



Click here for Scott's continuing saga, as parts 9 and 10 of his journal are now online. We're almost caught up! You'll laugh, you'll cry... you'll be very glad you've never had to take a SmartPill.

Not actually the SmartPill, but close

He's the first person with whom I've been in contact who spent a major family holiday in the NASA study... and I have to say, I was wondering if the South Six Kitchen would modify the menu for Thanksgiving!

One of the menu items on the usual rotation is a turkey dinner (Day 10), but I thought it was nice that they moved it to Thanksgiving day for those folks who celebrate. They're happily busy putting up holiday decorations now...

SCOTT QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "This is the longest I've gone without wearing shoes, going outdoors, being exposed to natural light, driving, eating chocolate, or drinking a caffeinated beverage."

Well, Scott... the space program and all its fans definitely appreciate your sacrifices! The "detox" seems tough at the time, but when we do land on Mars, you'll be able to say you were a small part of NASA's ongoing work to make that a reality.

And speaking of NASA's wide-ranging work...

NASA 2009
If you have time today, don’t forget to vote for Top NASA News Story of the Year!


Mrs. L said...

Okay that chocolate part is just cruel and unusual punishment!

lisleman said...

thanks for that survey poll link - I love to vote.

Scott Saslow said...

Mrs. L - at first I didn't think there'd be any kind of junkfood so the ice cream and cookies were a pleasant surprise. Astrid the nutritionist told me they were added at the request of previous test subjects (thanks Heather?!).

And I hope I'm not coming across as a total glutton. :-) I don't have a great diet back home but I try not to overindulge.

PillowNaut said...

o don't look at me... i had to force down the ice cream and milk, bleah :p

If my opinion had meant anything, there would be cherry pie and chocolate bars!! :)

Sach said...

I voted Hubble! :)