Monday, September 8, 2008

Chamitoff Reaches 100 Days

I've been following this chap because, technically, we're both feeling similar micro-gravity effects and also because we both go home at the same time in November, LOL... I'm quite sure he's working a great deal harder than I am, so I try not to begrudge the fact that HE gets to ride home on Space Shuttle Endeavor when I have to fly Southwest Airlines.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested in life on Earth's space station 220 miles up, Flight Engineer Greg Chamitoff was assigned to Expedition 17 and flew to the ISS on STS-124 Discovery, launching on 31 May 2008. He replaced Flight Engineer Garrett Reisman, who many of you may have seen on his two appearances on the Colbert Report (pictured below "on TV" and also in an interview clip on a past post in July).

NASA astronautsGarrett Reisman & Gregory Chamitoff

I posted a brief video of Greg back in my mention of the NASA Channel. You can keep up on his chess games with Houston ground control, and he also just did another Q&A session, where 7-year-old Emily from Idaho asked him: "Why we can't get gravity and put it in a jar?!" I'm with her ;)


Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with you all ofr a bit on here and am both amazed and envious of you! The work you are doing is awesome! I have a question. If you have already answered it somewhere else, please ignore it.
You have been very clear on the restrictions on what you are allowed to ingest (meds, food, etc.) Are you also restricted in the types of lotions, beatuy supplies, or soaps you are allowed to use? If so, are there any that you have a hard time to live without?

ActingUpAgain said...

"Why we can't get gravity and put it in a jar?!"

Because it would be too heavy, and we'd drop it and break it.