Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Imaginary Spaceship


Today's humor tidbit comes to us from the GCFL net, or the Good Clean Funnies List. Always love a good space joke! The ones that are true are often the ones that are most groaningly humorous, and it's a good site to comb over for clean, amusing fun -- space-related or otherwise.

Imaginary Spaceship
They occasionally poke fun at the politics of NASA culture, the reason we haven't yet reached Mars, and perpetuate absurd but well-loved urban legends about moonwalkers.

Though their contributors do occasionally dip down into what could easily called political incorrectness... sometimes they can be a little TOO politically correct.

Just out of curiosity, I tried to find out which historical dictionary contained this alleged "imaginary" definition. I couldn't come up with an original source, but was amused by many of the descriptions in well-known modern sources:
Noun: Spacecraft. Origin: 1940–45; space + ship.

Oxford English Dictionary
A spacecraft, especially one controlled by a crew.

Cambridge Dictionary
(Especially in stories) a vehicle used for travel in space.

1. A vehicle that flies through space.
2. (cellular automata) A finite pattern that reappears after a certain number of generations in the same orientation but in a different position.
3. A spacecraft designed to carry a crew into interstellar space (especially in science fiction).

A vehicle designed to transport people or materials through outer space.


Jake said...

Great post. I especially liked each of the definitions that included the word "especially."

I think my favorite lampoon of NASA remains's video "NASA Scientists Plan to Approach Girl by 2018." They aren't the friendliest in their joking, but they got me to chuckle on that one.

PillowNaut said...

Use of "especially" jumped out at me, too! I thought those were so amusing. And wow, if I started in on the NASA nerd jokes, I could fill up a whole new blog, LOL

Elizabeth said...

Hey! I thought of you because I was trying to come up with space songs to play for my kids. Jackson is talking about rockets lately, and I was trying to come up with rocket songs on my iPod. The only ones I have are "Rocketship Run" by the Laurie Berkner Band, "Rocket Man" by Elton, and "Rocket" by Def Leppard.

Do you have other suggestions? I figured you might.

PillowNaut said...

ooh I love that Leppard song, LOL! Smashing Pumpkins and Goldfrapp also had songs called "Rocket" ... and I am pretty sure there is also a band by that name !! =)