Tuesday, October 26, 2010

50,000 hits!

Cutting Edge Technology

This week, my SiteMeter alerted me that my blog has registered fifty thousand hits to Pillow Astronaut!

When I first started blogging back in July of 2008, I had modest hopes that perhaps my family and close friends might visit occasionally. The number "50,000" was not even in the realm of my wildest dreams!

Fifty Thousand Visitors
I cannot tell you how happy I am that in my quest for generating enthusiasm about space research and space exploration, so many folks came along for the ride to share our passion for NASA and other world space agencies. Thank you so much to all of my readers for this amazing milestone! I truly appreciate everyone who has encouraged and supported me along the way.

- Heather


lisleman said...

congrats - readers come by because you have interesting things to report.
Nice pic with caption.
I wonder how many (too few) people realize how the spinoffs from the space program lead to that marvelous device Steve Jobs is holding.

Jake said...

Congratulations on reaching this awesome milestone!

PillowNaut said...

Thanks dude! No joke on hte spinoffs thing... most modern technologies that stemmed from miniaturization of components and wireless, etc. ALL stemmed from the space program. Amazing how many people don't know that they wouldn't have cell phones, television, or PCs today if it were not for the early space race! But yeah, that's my point. Steve Jobs holds a conference about a gadget, millions pay attention. A space shuttle launches? CNN gives it a 10 second mention, LOL... figures!

Barry II said...

Do you know if that number includes readers that don't come directly to your site? I've been following your blog since the beginning, but I use Google Reader to read your entries (and hardly ever come directly to your site.) I wonder if Google Reader numbers (and other RSS feed readers for that fact) are included in this 50,000 number. According to the Google Reader site you have 194 subscribers to your site. I'd think you hit the 50,000 mark a while back, and are well on your way to 100K!

Keep up the good work! You postings are very enjoyable!

PillowNaut said...

o thank you Barry! I honestly never had any idea about Google Reader, thanks for letting me know the number. I doubt SiteMeter even counts those... I believe it only counts hits to the actual blog front page. But hey, now I can claim more ;)