Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Speaking of SpaceSuits


This is an advertisement from a 1963 issue of Warren Publications' Screen Thrills Illustrated, which mostly covered "classic" (I guess today we would say "cult") films from the 1920-1940s. Printing only periodically between 1962 and 1965, they published only ten issues… but what gems. O my.

They featured the Captain Company offering a GENUINE OFFICIAL U.S. GOVERNMENT SURPLUS SPACE SUIT!

space suits

Yes, because the government created space suits for their dozen or so astronauts in the early 1960s and happened to have hundreds left over.

But who cares. 7 pounds! 8 Zippers! Elastic Air Compression Chambers! Air hoses and airlock valves! What, no helmet that dispenses Tang? Ah well, what do you expect for $7.95.

In 1963, that was about the modern equivalent of 50 bucks. They claim it cost over $180 to create… well, that would be over a thousand dollars in today's terms.


It's a shame this company no longer exists, because I think this would sell very well today. Sadly, we now have to go to cheap costume outlets to get our astronaut fix.

Just don't go to hockey games and dance like a doof just to get on the JumboTron. It's been done.


JLeonid said...

This reminds me of an ad I saw in the back of every "Boy's Life" I received as a kid. It was for an instruction manual on how to build my own hovercraft using vacuum cleaner components. Always wondered what might have been if I'd gone for it. If memory serves though, it was right next to an ad for whoopee cushions.

Amnon I. Govrin said...

Did people actually buy into it? Buying a plot on the moon doesn't sound so crazy anymore...

It's funny you wrote about this. Did you see the Amiga commercial with Buzz Aldrin from the mid 80s I posted on Spacepirations?

Such different times... I wonder how today's commercials will look like 20 years from now or alternatively, how will popular concepts of space will be 20-25 years from now.


PillowNaut said...

OMG Jake, if you still have that anywhere, you should definitely scan it, LOL!

@Amnon, I'm not sure... I looked for the company because I was dying to talk to someone who might be able to tell me how many they sold, but found nothing, LOL... *love* that Amiga commercial, what a riot!