Monday, April 26, 2010

Space Cowboys


There it is, the mission of all missions... Get To Mars Or Die Trying...

Get To Mars Or Die Trying
LOL, this poster is courtesy of Gizmodo ... or a Gizmodo reader who has too much time on his hands, it wasn't quite clear. See the rest of the gallery for other laughs and groans. (Did we really need the disco album? Ah well... The Good, The Bad and The Ugly always seem to travel as a trifecta.)

I gather they were making fun of the actual NASA Mission poster gallery, which has begun to look less and less serious over the past few years... ! Can zombies be far behind?

Mission To The Sun
And when did NASA start letting Wall Street goons pick their slogans?? ;)


Nicole Sharp said...

Gizmodo has weekly Photoshop contests for its readers and one of the themes a few weeks back was "Design a NASA mission poster" in response to them discovering the gallery of actual mission posters (which they thought were terrible and a waste). So their readers went to and mocked NASA mercilessly :(

PillowNaut said...

AH, that explains it, thanks Nicole!!! I guess I don't read Gizmodo often enough to know their Greatest Hits -- I generally only go there when one my readers sends me something space-related. As for mocking NASA mercilessly, LOL... well hey, there is no such thing as bad publicity these days. Any mention works for me :)

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