Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Contact?


Have you ever wondered what to do if you come into contact with an alien?

Assuming you are not a neurotic FBI agent with a score to settle, an attention-starved little boy with pockets full of peanut candy or a headstrong pilot who deeply resents having your holiday barbecues interrupted.

Wonder no longer, the kind researchers at IO9 have composed the ultimate brief guide to what one should should do, if...

IO9 Space Humor
The Nutshell Version:

1. Don't over-think.
2. Don't panic.
3. Basic Communication.
4. Math rocks.
5. Know thy place in the universe.
6. Extend the planet-wide welcome.
7. Avoid assassination and breed.

In my opinion, the most important part is: If they send you a message with only two characters, repeating, that's binary. It does not matter which character is our "zero" and which is our "one."

But invest a few moments in the humorous education, and make sure you brush up on your artistic skills.

If all else fails and you do manage to screw this up for the entire human race, well there's always this backup tome:

Alien Invasion Handbook


lisleman said...

good to info to know. I still need to click over and check it out. A favorite movie on this was Close Encounter of the Third Kind and the use of musical notes.

Kuday said...

I think we should seriously think about "the first contact" because it may lead some philosophical problems.
Assume that we don't have any single common parts with aliens (only they can hear us), how could you define basic things?? Let's say right and left ??
This question has been asked by Martin Gardner as Ozma Problem in his book "The Ambidextrous Universe"

There are solutions to this paradox and i think SETI project creators has also considered it while sending signals to outer space.

Mrs. L said...

I think somewhere around the "Don't Panic" item should be the "Don't Faint".....

Wayne said...

What a great post Heather! You had me worried,you had me laughing, and you had me contemplating the what if's all at the same time! If there can be life on our planet, surely there has to be life out there in other galaxies,solar systems and planets,we just haven't found it yet, or they haven't found us yet. Thanks,