Friday, January 1, 2010


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If you have Acrobat, a reeeeeally good printer, glossy card stock and some sturdy staples, you can download (10MB PDF) and print the official 2010 International Space Station Calendar, that describes the work conducted on the ISS, and the crews that have lived there. Scroll down past the newest Expedition 22 news item. The calendar contains photographs taken in and from the space station, and highlights milestones throughout NASA history.

The Space Store
Selling NASA’s official 2010 wall calendar...always one of the best!

NASA 2010 Calendar
SkyMaps Calendars
Night Skywatching, Astronomy, Hubble, Stars, Moonscapes and Aurora Borealis.

The Year In Space
Keep up with all space events with their desk calendar, online calendar or weekly email detailing lunar phases, astronomical events, scientific exploration and beautiful space images.

Pomegranate Publishing SciAm Calendars
High-Resolution Space Photography, as presented by Scientific American. (Available in full size and mini versions)

Space Calendars

Calendars.Com Space Selection
Hubble Space Telescope 2010 Wall Calendar: stunning images of planets, stars, gaseous nebulae, and galaxies; includes descriptions by a professional astronomer and a Skywatching Guide.

Zazzle Space Collection
DEEP SPACE 2010 Calendar, Astronomy, Hubble and Galaxies calendars also available, and customizable! An interesting design-your-own kinda take...


Norman Copeland said...

Merry new year [especially all pillownauts]...

If you ask me ''2010'' looks better than the previous numbers of the previous decade...

This is a new decade!!!

If you ask me it looks bigger and chunkier [darn I'm feeling greedy]...

Anyway after the map of NASA mission's that was released last year I felt it would of been more appropriate if it had a map of our solar system volcanism, it would be good to have a map of volcanoes and geysers because of modern propulsion techniques being considered for powering our vessels/crafts [and because of my interest with geophysics and atmospherics = mineral distribution...

Particularly because I am a supporter of non nuclear and an advocate of solar power space applications [even though solar is nuclear, but, is classified as user friendly]...

38 and counting the rockets!!!


PillowNaut said...

I'd definitely buy a calendar of solar system volcanoes, that would be a good one!! :)