Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scotty's Farewell


Last journal entry for Mr. Scott! Then he was treated to some "real world" food before flying home to his family in Florida. It's a fascinating look at the full rehabilitation period and follow-up medical tests, and I was particularly intrigued with his descriptions of how just the simple act of walking outside was exciting!

NASA Study
First stop, Chick-Fil-A!

After nearly two months in the test facility, breathing cool fresh air and seeing the sky over your head... well, these are things we all take for granted until we lose them for awhile, and enjoy the wonderment in rediscovery!

Scott also brings up an interesting point in one of his final entries, after seeing a high school acquaintance on Facebook:
"[This] girl I went to school with was on Survivor... who knew?! I mean, it’s no NASA study but at least she was on television. This study might make a good reality show but then again, we can't even have sugar in our food, let alone the kinds of debauchery commonly found in most so-called reality shows. Maybe if some washed up 80s rocker stayed here for a few months..."

SO! CALLING WASHED UP 80s ROCKERS! Think we could get Tommy Lee in on this? He was in the news lately for cheapskate-crowdsourcing, so perhaps we could talk him into a study if he's that hard-up for cash. Bret Michaels is diabetic, so he's out. Ozzy's blood-alcohol-content is higher than my college grade point average, no go. How about Metallica? Are they clean yet? And I'll bet David Lee Roth has some free time on his hands. Other suggestions welcome.

In all seriousness, the environment of a NASA study clearly isn't scandalous enough for reality TV, so we're all still poised to see George Clooney's next move...

You miss it when it's over...

Upon release, Scott also had his photographs developed, so definitely visit the NASA Ward gallery on the Picasa Albums site to see some of his tests, his bedrest phase and of course, his ceiling tile.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with everyone, Scott! :)

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Norman Copeland said...

Good luck Scott,

I hope you maintain the regime, I noticed that the NASA programme is Isotopic based concentrating on 'low mass neutral fragment loss' [sugar and sodium minimalising].

I have been utilising a stricter version of that regime for nearly 6 years keeping myself trim for space activity, but, I learned that space time momentum slides and add's difficulty to the fitness regime. You'll need to concentrate on Isobaric management [ion count and distribution]. I like to stay ship shape with synthesed weightlessness thought patterns.

A good web address to clarify what I'm saying is at


[i hope it lets me give the full address]



[add the parts together]

Anyway, the appendix table at the back of the document explains what to stay away from [I manipulate those elements, e.g I drank 2 litres of cider [apples] and then did brisk 7 mile up hill walks for 2 years, but i vary the 'attitude' now.

The thinning of blood before exercise helps the red blood cells to work harder and create muscle memory {for weightlessness}. I use apples in alcohol because it restricts ion fallout.

You should telephone your local water company for data about carbon tetrachloride in the local running water {it could seriously weaken the regime}.

Good luck...