Monday, July 21, 2008

Q & A Continued

Hockey-Chica Barbie2B asks: does asthma count? i mean, it's not contagious. maybe i could come visit if i wear a mask or something.
Asthma is fine, you'd only be barred if you had something we can catch. Blood draws test our "immunocompetence,” which is expected to dwindle over the duration, and we cannot ingest medicines. You can't have a cold, can't lean on the bed, can't bring edibles, etc... I'll get a soft-copy of the visitor's booklet to post.

Diane asks via email (paraphrased): OH, sounds painful! Do they give you any kind of [assurance that nothing will cause permanent damage] from these tilts or injections?
Let's see * * Shakes Magic 8 Ball * * nope, no guarantees ;) You sign papers saying you understand these studies carry RISK, and you can't fuss if you have to work hard to get your health back on track because lying tilted for 90 days gave you a sinus condition or tweaked your lumbar vertebrae or made you grow a tail or whatever. However, given the medical staff here, I have a better chance of getting Chris Pronger and Sean Avery to hold hands and sing "Kumbaya" together than someone NOT responding to any systemic emergency within about half a second.

D also asks: How many people are there? How big is this place? Are we asking too many questions?
NASA has two UTMB floors for medical studies and space studies, each with capacity for twelve residents. I don't know about 5th Floor, but on the 6th there are three subjects, me and two men. Another man is due to be admitted this week, and a woman in early August. I've asked around as to how crowded it gets, since right now it's very low. I found one longtimer who has seen a full 12 on my floor, but it's more likely to be between 5-7 people at a time.

LOL, no... nobody is asking too many, this is great. If you ask questions, I don't have to think about what to write.


Carmi said...

Do you get front row tickets to a shuttle launch or something? Free NASA swag? Dinner with an astronaut's family? Tours of the space center of your choice?

Sorry so flip...I think what you're doing is beyond cool. What a neat sense of accomplishment that what you're doing is helping build knowledge for our eventual departure from this planet.

I know that's not a question. I just had to gush a bit. Takes guts to make the sacrifice that you're making. Takes similar guts to share it as you are.

I'm beyond thrilled that I've crossed your bloggy path.

supermoose33 said...

Hmmm. I think someone has a crush on you, Pillownaut. :-)

Mrs. L said...

Okay the Pronger/Avery comment had me busting with laughter just picturing it!

More questions :)

If you fall asleep during "awake" time do they wake you up and how???

Will they show you on the Nasa channel?

PillowNaut said...

Ah supermoore, we're just admiring each other's blogospheres, LOL...

Carmi, GUSH AWAY... this is definitely the most unique thing I've ever done. I don't feel cool when I'm getting stuck with needles or cycling to exhaustion, but I'm still overjoyed that the program accepted me. All questions answered in tonight's post! :)