Friday, July 25, 2008


Here are a few more residents! Click on any to see larger photos.

Many of you have already heard about Marcus. Along with many others, we met in June and underwent screening together in Houston after the last application round. He's a resident of Seattle, has a degree in Sports Management and will start on his MBA when our simulation study is over. I was so glad when he finally showed up this week! Although, it was my last day walking upright...but we luckily had a cloudy day with no sunlight, and we were able to wander around. I'm sure you will not find it hard to believe he's also been known to do a bit of modeling ;)

Here in all his glorious balloon armor is Michael, a new addition to the lunar study. He graduated from college with a Psychology degree and is working on applications to various medical schools. After his stay here, he plans to travel from Moscow through the Baltics, and on into western Europe before returning to his education. A native of Houston, Michael plays the guitar, reads a great deal and appreciates art & architecture, plus he's got an impressive family tree -- his grandfather worked for NASA for 40 years!

And we can't forget Devin, ward comedian -- or as I call him, Captain Sarcasmo. It's a bird, it's a plane... o nevermind... safe to say, we all enjoy his quick, ironic wit as he keeps us entertained (and he's a pretty good sport when we rib him about the areas of his legs they had to shave for test sensors). Devin has visited all 48 of the contiguous United States, and has lived and worked in Arizona & North Carolina. He's now back in Iowa, where he was born and where he owns a large horse farm... and we're pretty sure he's probably done time. We're too scared to ask.


NotSoccer Mom said...

as always, love the pix. it makes it so much easier to see just what it's like for you.

barbie2be said...

and this would be the part where i say, DAMN! maybe i will come to galveston for a visit! ;)

Mrs. L said...

Cool photos of your partners in crime...or maybe with Captain Sarcasmo I shouldn't say that!

Greg said...

WOW cannot be erect for 90 days, maybe it's not a study for men? LOL