Sunday, January 26, 2014

All NASA Twitter Feeds


I occasionally check the NASA Connect pages for new things... and my, what an explosion over the past year! However, their list is slightly out-of-date. Truly, they need someone like me to curate this for them -- alas, no one has made me QUEEN yet.

I was one of those folks who didn't quite understand Twitter when I signed up to Tweet, but over time have seen the fascination with micro-blogging in the 140-character culture. So! If you're interested in keeping up with NASA facilities and missions, here is the full spate of NASA Twitter feeds... along with the current snapshot of followers:

JPL's Near Earth Objects (Pasadena, CA) - 1,128,870

NASA Astrobiology Institute (ARC) - 881,650

Humanoid Robot in orbit (ISS) - 63,320

Saturn Solar System Studies (JPL) - 341,111

Official Commercial Crew Program (KSC) - 18,329

Chandra Observatory (MSFC) - 49,950

Desert Analog Projects - 45,018

Eyes On The Earth (JPL) - 91,314

NASA / CSA collaborative Haughton Mars Project (Devon Island, Arctic) - 1,022

Daily Photographs from Hubble Space Telescope (1 of 3 Hubble Accounts) - 11,542

Hubblesite News for the Hubble Space Telescope (1 of 3 Hubble Accounts) - 25, 465

Technology Crowd-sourcing (HQ) - 348

International Space Station (ISS) - 77,032

J2X Rocket Engine (MSFC) - 2,053

Office of the Chief Technologist (Pasadena, CA) - 555

Kennedy Space Center Research Materials (Cape Canaveral, FL) - 555

Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite (Ames) - 26,775

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (Greenbelt, MD) - 117,904

Curiosity Rover (JPL / KSC) - 1,472,670

Phoenix Mars Lander on red planet polar region (JPL) - 221,063

Spirit and Opportunity (JPL) - 221,063

Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution mission - 24,090

MErcury Surface Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging mission - 35,326

Planetary Lander Prototype (Autonomous Landing) - 7,420

News From NASA - 5,780,540
I love that this has nearly 6 million now!

Production Team and TV Show - 33,165

Ames Research Center (Mountain View, CA) - 86,782

Exploration games for planet Mars (JPL) - 3,511

Blogs and podcasts (GSFC) - 36,547

Office of the Chief Information Officer - 4,742

Public NASA datasets catalog - 1,746

Dryden Flight Research Center (Edwards, CA) - 72,761
   *Note this center has recently been renamed to NASA Armstrong

NASA Education Resources (HQ) - 23,057

Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope - 25,810

Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GSFC New York) - 1,187

Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH) - 4,447

Glory Mission Energy Balance - 6,303

Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) - 135,623

History of NASA (Washington DC) - 129,621

Human Health and Performance Center - 1,546

Hurricane / Cyclone Watch (Greenbelt, MD) - 302,735

Independent Verification and Validation Facility (Fairmon, WV) - 155

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA) - 562,383

Resources for Teachers/Students + Internship opportunities (Pasadena, CA) - 30,872

Jupiter Mission (JPL) - 46,877

Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, FL) - 595,040

Kepler Mission (Ames) - 329,468

Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer lunar mission (Ames) - 37,730

Laser Communication (LLCD & LCRD) Demonstration Missions (GFRC) - 701

Robotic Lander Prototype (MSFC) - 720

Suomi NPP Polar orbiting satellite (GSFC) - 7,455

Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (CalTech) - 7,320

Office of the Inspector General (Washington D.C.) - 735

NASA workers and outreach to participants of NASA projects - 3,113

Centennial Challenge (Washington D.C.) - 329,468

Space Communications and Navigation (JPL) -295

Short videos of science topics and missions -5,014

Live-tweeted mission events at NASA socials (formerly "Tweetups") -110,102

Planetary Science Division -14,590

Space Place for elementary school students (JPL) -8,909

NASA-Derived Technologies on Earth -34,178

Spitzer Space Telescope, the infrared Great Observatory -24,444

Stennis Space Center (Michoud, MS) - 34,905

Study of gamma ray bursts, X-ray, ultraviolet, afterglows - 2,803

Engineering solutions for design and manufacturing - 10,897

Public & private technology partnerships and collaborations (Moffett Field, CA)- 151

Voyager I and II Spacecrafts - 70,642

Science Mission Directorate educational materials (HQ) - 1,048

James Webb Telescope (Greenbelt, MD) - 107,150

Earth science news team (Greenbelt, MD) - 7,403

NASA X Television Show (Hampton, VA) - 1,97607,150

Airborne Science Program - 7,989

Academy of Program / Project & Engineering Leadership (Washington, DC) - 14,201

Astromaterials Research and Exploration Science Directorate (JSC) - 28

Updates on astronaut activities - 232,330

Ion propulsion craft on mission to Asteroids (Vesta/Ceres) - 21,299

NASA Educational Short Films - 8,211
... Ha, get it? ECLIPS? ;) Nice.

Production Team and TV Show - 48,895

NASA Environmental Management -3,572

Earth Observatory (Greenbelt, MD) - 115,050

NASA en espaƱol; News from NASA in Spanish - 72,685

Goddard Earth Sciences Data (GSFC) - 4,232

Geospatial Interactive Online Visualization & Analysis Infrastructure (GSFC) - 1,224

Hubble Space Telescope (HST) (1 of 3 Hubble Accounts) - 52,287

ICESat: Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite - 36,820

Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX) - 192,700

Earth Satellite Missions managed by NASA and USGS (Greenbelt, MD) - 16,185

Langley Research Center (Hampton, VA) - 93,526

Moon science (Ames) - 52,374

Launch Services Program (KSC) - 25,217

Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville, AL) - 59,270

Magnetospheric Multi-Scale mission (GSFC) - 3,874

Advanced Supercomputing Division (Moffet Field, CA) - 800

NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (Atlantic Ocean!) - 14,924

Shared Services Center at Stennis (Michoud, MS) - 3,895

Organism/Organic Exposure to Orbital Stresses nanosatellite (Ames) - 2,620

Deep Space Human Exploration Spacecraft / Capsule - 62,057

GPM / TRMM Precipitation Measurement missions (GFSC) - 5,185

Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office (Greenbelt, MD) - 4,122

Solar Dynamics Observatory (Greenbelt, MD) - 15,752

Space Launch System heavy launch vehicle (Huntsville, AL) - 264

Soil Moisture Active Passive Mission (JPL and GSFC) - 264

National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program - 205

Supercomputers and scientific discoveries - 4,785

Scientific and Technical Information - 17,460
Space technology at NASA (Washington D.C.) - 214,092

NASA Television Programming Schedule - 5,277

Wallops Flight Facility (Wallops Island, VA) - 57,495

Transparent Communication for the space agency (Washington D.C.) - 2,297

Exoplanet Exploration Program (JPL) - 37,214

Global Weather Patterns (JPL) - 4,490

NASA Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy - 26,674

Mission to Earth's radiation belts - 3,365

Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer mission / NEOWISE asteroid hunter - 22,360

STEM outreach for young women students - 6,718

Wow, 115 Twitter accounts, and still adding more!

Interestingly, the only NASA feeds with more followers than the administrative accounts of the centers are the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover and Asteroid Watch! It would seem the two largest human interests are: exploring and keeping up with what might be smashing into Earth.

The feed that has showed the most explosive growth over the past two years? NASA Voyager, screaming from under 800 in 2010 to over 70 thousand today!

Note, the above list does not include individual astronauts, as many have left NASA over the years, of course. For a full list of all tweeting current and former astronauts from various agencies, see the master list and forum at CollectSpace.

Space Unites also compiled a wonderful list of all the main Twitter accounts of all the Space Agencies Worldwide.