Friday, November 16, 2012

Science Action Figures


This makes me so happy, I almost don't know how to contain myself. For only the second time* in my life, I regret never having children, LOL! Because I love the idea of this scenario:

Little pal of my kid: "What is that?"
My kid: "Action figure." 
Little pal: "Of who?"
My kid: "Neil deGrasse Tyson!" 

HEROES OF SCIENCE action figures
Click to embiggen original at DeviantArt Datazoid

I've seen Einstein bobble heads. I've seen science FICTION "dolls" designed to sell space movies or books. I've even seen a Carl Sagan finger puppet... but this is the first time I've seen the great brains of our time (and the last two centuries) organized into such a inspiring representations, right down to Neil's pink shirt and Carl's signature sweater.

I so wish the creator had investors and avenues from which he could mass-market these! I honestly cannot think of anything I would rather see on toy store shelves.

The eccentricity of Jacques Cousteau? Schrödinger's bow tie! HANS BETHE HAIR! Oppenheimer looking like he's starring in Men in Black IV?  It's all too magical. And I am of course, so gratified to see Marie Curie included... though Maria Mayer and Rosalind Franklin would have been nice additions. 

 Perhaps what is most interesting is who is serious and who is grinning. Definitely head to Datazoid's page to see the true-sized original in all its glorious detail!

*First is when I see people with kids pre-boarding airplanes.


Anonymous said...

Really pretty nice!!!
Only bad point I see is that is centered only on western scientists. If there is Hubble and Lemaitre, there must be also Aleksandr Freedman (Russia), there should be Yukawa (Japan), Kapitza (Russia), Landau (Russia), and many more... also is centered in physiscs but there is custeau? Well, why are not Watson and Crick there too?
Ok, I'm not a hater, just observations.
Nice blog.

Anonymous said...


PillowNaut said...

Two anonymous folks who don't want to give their names?! Well rats, that means I don't know who I'm answering -- but I still try to answer everyone who takes the time to comment.

YES, a bunch of folks told this guy to go to Kickstarter, LOL! And yes, he also got quite a bit of feedback on scientists he was "missing" -- and he apologized for that, but I still think he deserves major kudos for these interested graphics. As for Watson and Crick -- well, they STOLE Rosalind Franklin's research and got famous off her efforts and discoveries, so again, I'd much rather see her there!

henry chukwuemelie said...

nice but it's never a general issue maybe a little bit personal but all accepted anyway....

Bill Shirley said...

Volume II has Franklin and Goodall.