Monday, July 30, 2012

Mars Curiosity Landing Parties


I have a map addiction. I keep making them and people keep tweeting them, so I'll keep at it as long as I infer from this behavioral pattern that they are useful.

Here it is the third draft map of the Mars Curiosity Landing Parties in the United States, Canada, England and Australia! Please let me know of any others, and I will update the map daily as we countdown to the MSL touchdown on Mars, scheduled for August 5th.

Curiosity Rover Landing Parties

Many planetariums, science museums, independent astronomy groups and the Planetary Society are holding special events to watch and celebrate this risky new landing sequence... one thing is for sure, we will all either cry together or cheer together!

On the map, 62 events are noted thus far. PINK represents events by the space agencies, YELLOW indicates independent events by various science-oriented organizations, and GREEN indicates the linked parties being thrown for "Planetfest 2012" by the Planetary Society. (These, in turn, will be linked to the live feed at NASA JPL).

Mars Rover
NASA, in addition, is hosting the first suite of "simultaneous socials" at no less than six space agency centers, in order to start the buzz prior to the landing events:

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory - California, lead center for 2-year mission
NASA Ames Research Center - California
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - Maryland
NASA Glenn Research Center - Ohio
NASA Johnson Space Center - Texas
NASA Langley Research Center - Virginia

Quite the party! On Friday, August 3rd, varying amounts of invited guests at each site will be using Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus to promote the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL), with hashtag #NASASocial.


Zantippy Skiphop said...

Hi! I'm having my own party here with me, my husband, and our bunnies and ducks! We are in Kissimmee, FL, if you want to add it!

Robbie said...

The MSL Risk Analysis team is having a landing party in Albuquerque, NM.

Anonymous said...

No Austin party? Come on Austin!

PillowNaut said...

Robbie, do you have any other details? Can anyone come to this to watch the landing?

I was also surprised there was nothing planned in Austin so far, especially since they're one of the cities on the Mars Rocks tour!

Anonymous said...

The good folks at the Austin Astronomical Society informed me that there is an Austin party!

William Stevens said...

Thanks for the map Pillow! You helped me find an MSL party near me!

PillowNaut said...

Awesome, William! That is what I love to hear! Other folks have tweeted me that as well, and it's great to see so many people interested. The only down side for those still looking is that many are already sold out. But there are online groups too, all watching together :)

scott davidson said...

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