Wednesday, March 7, 2012

ThunderDome: Spock vs. Sheldon


So, today we will be discussing Rush Limbaugh!

I jest. I'd rather parachute into a solar flare. Sadly, in the vortex of darkness that was the last week in national news, something so much more crucial was lost in the shuffle: SPOCK MET SHELDON ON BIG BANG THEORY.

Leonard Nimoy Twitter
He was as excited about it as we are to see it!

I love that Leonard Nimoy, at the age of 80, has embraced Twitter -- and that he ends all of his tweets with LLAP!

He recently confirmed his filming day with the BBT cast, though rumor has it that he is only confined to a "voiceover" of a Spock action figure in this round. The producers have apparently worked on him for awhile to take a speaking part (along with TNG Star Trek alums Brent Spiner, Wil Wheaton and LeVar Burton), but for the moment we shall content ourselves with him being the first TOS actor to grace the BBT studio.

Sheldon Cooper
Will they play Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock? Will additional DNA samples be forthcoming -- or will he meet his own clone, created by Sheldon from the original Cheesecake Factory napkin?! Will Rush Limbaugh acknowledge on the air that the little girl who played Blossom grew up to get a PhD in neuroscience before taking the part of Amy Farrah Fowler for fun? Time will tell.

The Nimoy episode will air on prime time, Thursday, March 29th, on the CBS Television Network.

Shout out to the Barenaked Ladies for what I consider the cleverest TV show theme song ever. I am fabulously impressed with any band who use the words autotroph, Pangea and australopithecus in a rock'n'roll song.

Tich Tor Ang Tesmur.


ChildeJake said...

[Knocks] Pillownaut. [Knocks] Pillownaut [Knocks] Pillownaut.

Hello, I just wanted to say I enjoyed this post. This is very good news.

PillowNaut said...

LMAO!!! What *IS* it Sheldon??

That was brilliant, thank you :)

ARW said...

Actually, George Takei was the first TOS alum to appear on the show. He appeared with Katey Sackoff (dressed in her BSG flight outfit) in one of Howard Wolowitz's dream sequences. They were giving Howard advice on how to score with Bernadette. It was one of the most funny and clever eps. Spot on with all the references and when Katey asks George how he would know how to romance a woman, I just about fell out of my chair laughing so hard.