Monday, June 6, 2011

#NASATweetup 3


Third time is a charm! Actually, that idiom is meaningless, because the first two were pretty darned charmed, too. In 2010, I attended my first Tweetup at NASA Johnson, then a year later made more new friends among the hoopy frood space crowd at the NASA Ames Tweetup!

Today's Tweetup is at the NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory @NASAJPL in La Canada Flintridge. Thanks to the kindness of the Mars Rover Drivers, I've already seen many wonderful things at the JPL, which is technically NASA's smallest sister in terms of acres, but certainly one of the most interesting in terms of projects!

JPL Tweetup
The playlist is awesome, and I mean spine-tingling awesome. Our crowd of geeky guests will be treated to updates by scientists on all of the JPL projects listed below. Follow their Twitter accounts today, beginning at 8:30am PT:

Dawn - Solar System Discovery
Currently approaching Vesta and Ceres
Follow: @NASA_Dawn

Voyager I and II
Currently in the Heliosheath, set to enter Interstellar space
Follow: @NASAVoyager

Aquarius Ocean Study Satellite
Launches June 9, 2011... hey, that's this week, from Vandenberg!

Juno Mission to Jupiter
Launches to the Jovian system in August 2011
Follow: @NASAJuno

GRAIL - Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory
Launches to the moon in September 2011

SOFIA - Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Partnered with the German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Follow: @SOFIAtelescope

NEO - Near-Earth Objects Program
Better known as "Asteroid Watch"
Follow: @AsteroidWatch

Eyes on the Solar System
3-D environment of real NASA mission data
Follow: @NASA_Eyes

Imagine Mars
Education initiative to design a futuristic Mars community.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory on UStream
Throughout the day, all our Twittery goodness will be live on, and some portions will be broadcast on NASA Television from 8:15 - 10:30am PT and 1:30 - 3:30pm PT.

If you watch any of the live feeds, keep your eye out for NASA mascot, @Camilla_SDO. She will be in attendance, catching up on all the missions!


Suzanne said...

You lead the most interesting life and I'm green with envy that you get to meet the Mars rover drivers. I just watned an interesting show on their mission and I've been reading Scott Maxwell's "Mars and Me" blog for awhile.

It's very interesting how these scientists began to think of the rover as something more than a machine. In a way they began to anthropomorphize "her". I'm thinking specifically of Spirit, who faced so many challenges.

If you Tweet up with Scott Maxwell, tell him hi from a fan of his work.

PillowNaut said...

LOL Thanks Suzanne! Sometimes I do still have to pinch myself ;) And even when I have trying times (6 months of rain in allegedly sunny CA, hellooooo??) I try to remind my brain I am a lucky gal! ;)

I am sorry I didn't see this yesterday, but I'll definitely pass along your message to Scott... you can also follow him on Twitter -- he's incredibly funny in 140 characters or less!

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