Thursday, January 6, 2011



Things that rhyme with Garrett Reisman:
Ferret Cheese Sun
Parrot Bees Gun
Carrot Freeze Bun

Such is the cleverness and whimsy of the The Astronaut Garrett Reisman Fan Club. I mentioned it yesterday in my post about space calendars, but later thought the site merited a post of its own, for sheer entertainment value and the devotion of his adoring followers. Dr. Reisman is also one of my favorites in the astronaut corps, and I've featured his interviews on The Colbert Report, his amazing work on ISS Expedition 17, and his visit to the Oval Office.

I can honestly say, however, that it never occurred to me what might rhyme with his name. Behold, the writers of his "fan club" blog trump themselves with their FOUNDING PROCLAMATION OF THE ASTRONAUT GARRETT REISMAN FAN CLUB [excerpted]:

WHEREAS, Garrett Reisman spent 95 days on the International Space Station without losing his sense of humor;
WHEREAS, Garrett Reisman was the first Jewish American to live on the ISS;
WHEREAS, Garrett Reisman referred to his wife Simone as his "favorite earthling";
WHEREAS, Garrett Reisman has a cat named Fuzzy, and
Now therefore, let it be known that Janet and Cathy hereby formally establish the "Astronaut Garrett Reisman Fan Club" and related blog to honor and celebrate the coolest man on Earth. Or off. Notwithstanding his affection for the despicable New York Yankees Baseball Club. Which stinks.

These gals crack me up, and I want to go to play with them at Dave & Busters.

For the record, my favorite astronaut is now-retired Eileen Collins (Dye Bean Pollens!), and it was one of my life's great joys to attend a launch when she became the first female space shuttle pilot... but now I wonder, does she have a cat? What is the name of Colonel Collin's Cat?? If I knew, I could make a Facebook Page about it, so there's something else for my gargantuan, never-ending To Do List.

It's clear to me now that I am not a very good fan. Technically, my blog is a NASA fan club of sorts... I just don't call it that. But, all of us are engaged in a fanbase or a part of fandom somewhere, be it sports teams, musical groups, etc.

I poked around a bit, and found an ISS Fan Club, as well as an Alan Shepard Fan Club. That was it. But I would challenge you to find an astronaut who is NOT on popular social media these days. Interesting, then, that the phrase "fan club" is declining in use, having now given way to "Facebook Page" or "Twitter Feed".

So, here's to Janet and Cathy, for their humor, their great blog and for resurrecting what may be the last astronaut fan club!


Cathy said...

Ohmygosh I'm at work now and will write more later (thanks for the linkage!) but OMG Eileen Collins is TOTALLY my favorite (female, natch) astronaut too!

My sister and I have a longstanding "Sally Ride/Eileen Collins" feud.

Cage match, I say.

PillowNaut said...

That is THUNDERDOME all the way, hahaha... although mine would be between Collins and Peggy Whitson ;)
Glad you found the post, happy to link to such a fun and FUNNY site like yours...

Cathy said...

Peggy v. Eileen would definitely be more entertaining.
And Eileen would DOMINATE!
In the end, there would be only chaos.

Atlantajan said...

Sally was first, so she is best. Plus, I met her at the Carter Center and asked her to sign a baseball. She said, "Well, this is a first." We'll just have to disagree on this one. But no disagreement about Garrett. He is the BEST! Funny, smart and totally sweet. He reads our blog, which makes me love him all the more. And, if you haven't yet, read the interview with Garrett that we ran on August 21. He so totally rocks.

PillowNaut said...

That is so awesome! He sounds like a great guy, and I love it when he appears on the Colbert show. =) I loved the interview... I had a very similar experience in the National Air & Space Museum where everyone left me behind, how funny. The butt mold story had me in stitches... and I like how he didn't just cave and give a politically correct answer about Pluto. Also glad no NASA goons came to bonk you on the head (because yes, NASA has them, LOL!!)