Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New NASA Shirts


Okay, I admit it, I'm just killing time now until Shuttle Discovery launches. Postponed for the third time now, but who's counting?

"This is part of the business, you fly when you're ready and you don't if you're not. And we're not ready to go." - Launch Director Michael Leinbach

Inspiration eludes me in times of elongated WAITING, so today I'll just share some photographs. The following is the "fall line" of shirts now available at the NASA space centers. These are compliments of the Space Trader near Johnson Space Center in Houston!

Actually, it IS Rocket Science
NASA Since 1958: Actually, It IS Rocket Science

Size Matters Just Ask Pluto
Size Matters. Just Ask Pluto.

Escape Velocity
Escape Velocity: You Can't Leave Home Without It

Failure Is Not An option
NASA: Failure Is Not An Option

And in what will come as a supreme shock to precisely NO ONE, I bought the Velocity one. :) Visit a NASA center near you to get yours! They have all the same sentiments on coffee mugs, shot glasses, key chains, pins... and yes, Christmas ornaments now.

Fingers crossed for Shuttle Discovery tomorrow afternoon!


Mrs. L said...

Actually I know a woman who really is a rocket scientist, she should get that first shirt!

PillowNaut said...

Isn't that hilarious? There is also one that says, "As a matter of fact, I AM a rocket scientist." That one works too, LOL =)

Theresa111 said...

There T-Shirts are so cool. Now I know what to get my husband for his birthday on Tuesday. NASA in Greenbelt, MD is only about 30 minutes from me.

PillowNaut said...

Hopefully they'll have some of the same ones, but if you see any new, clever ones... let us know!