Friday, March 5, 2010

Nerd Merit Badges


Well, this is not even close to being space-related, except that there are thousands of NASA workers who could stack up Nerd Merit Badges like flakes in a snow storm. So, I thought it was worth a post!

These funny velco-backed morsels of colorful embroidery include Spelling, Open Source, Full Stack and Boinged pats-on-the-back. Family Tech Support? Got it covered. One I will never earn, however, is the Empty Inbox!

Ner Merit Badges
At first glance, I could boast a handful of these... and send them suggestions. For instance, where are the "I can recite every episode of Star Trek TOS in order" badges? Or the "Browncoats Forever" and the "Paged Constantly at 3am" badges?

Other Possibilities:
  • Quick-Draw Binary Translator
  • I Can Count In Hexadecimal
  • Monty Python Movie Sing-a-Long Champ
  • My Pet Fish is Named "Wysiwyg"
  • Schrödinger's LOLCat – reductio ad absurdum
  • We Celebrate Pi Day on March 14
We also need a big one for those of us who watch movies about computer hackers and continually shout "That's totally impossible!" at the screen with great dramatic aplomb, and even greater indignation.

Honorable mention (a line of similar stickers perhaps?) for anyone who knew exactly what I meant when I said "TOS" above, anyone who reads XKCD and gets it more than 85% of the time, anyone who ever drove more than 1000 miles for a shot at watching a Shuttle Launch, and my personal favorite – anyone who used to carry a Microsoft Start-up Disk in her purse and used it more often than her lipstick.

Guess who that last one was.

Zazzle Nerd Buttons

Of course, shops like Zazzle and Thinkgeek are way, way ahead of me.


Norman Copeland said...

I think the badge idea is terrific, If you build a web site, order a million badges {5 pence each} and put them on the web site for £1 pound each {plus postage and packing} that would pay for 5 tickets aboard a space plane to low earth orbit [LEO], I'd give the competition 12 months and then announce the winner's of the raffle which would be drawn from 5 pairs of your knickers!!!.

Your web address would be perfect for it!

Keep it warm honey...


Mimi and Tilly said...

Brilliant. I would love a "Full frontal nerdity" badge. I would wear it while I was blogging. And then pin it to my coat each time I ventured out. Yes, indeedy.

Darryl in Phoenix said...

THOSE ARE NERDTASTIC! You find the best stuff.