Friday, February 19, 2010

Blast Off!


Finally, sorting and labeling all my pictures and videos from the amazing Tweetup at Johnson Space Center... I still cannot believe I filled three memory cards, and tore through all three of my camera batteries. I always carry them "just in case"... but it was first time I'd ever actually used them all!

The day started out with a bang for all the SpaceTweeps. We were given bags 'o swag full of NASA goodies, and herded into the lobby of the Blast Off Theatre at Space Center Houston, where we got to play with spacesuit components.

I had never worn space gloves or helmets before. I am not claustrophobic by nature, but I couldn't help thinking, Yeah, there's no way I could wear this for hours on end during a spacewalk! Tight spot!

Space Helmet
Trying on a space helmet with help from Rosana...

in mah spiffy new Space Shuttle shirt

Once we were all seated in the Blast Off Theatre, which had been decorated with Mission Control console mockups, we were treated to a nerdtastic introduction speech by Expedition 22 now currently on the International Space Station!

These three accomplished gentleman are quite famous in the Twitterverse, being among the first batch of astronauts to have internet access and to tweet regularly. Given such ease, they also answer a fair amount of their Twitter followers.

Soichi Noguchi (JAXA), Commander Jeff Williams,
and Timothy "TJ" Creamer (NASA)

What a treat! They reminded us to mark everything with #nasatweetup, so anyone can search on that hash-tag if you wish to see all our banter throughout the course of the event. They are @Astro_Soichi, @Astro_Jeff and @Astro_TJ for anyone who wishes to follow their feeds.

Soichi in particular is very dedicated, continually releases amazing aerial photographs. My favorite was the Golden Gate Bridge, but he has also sent breath-taking shots of the Arabian desert dunes, New Zealand's richly blue Lake Pukaki, Bejing's Forbidden City, the Grand Canyon and many varied views of Japan.

Check out his full Earth's landscape collection on TwitPic!


Norman Copeland said...

Though it perhaps is darker on other planets because of it's proximity to our star it could possibly be brighter on the surface because of refractive index's varying according to the element they refract from.

I guess some friction tell's better stories than other's, oil produces cumilous clouds, based on low level stratus vapour...

Perhap's it just depend's on how you look at it, or how it look's at you... Lol...

Diane D said...

What in the world is this guy talking about? Norman, my friend, I think you may have accidentally answered some other post. Anyway miss H, fun helmet! I would like to try one of those on, but I would be afraid I would be driven insane by not being able to scratch my nose if it itched! LOL

Norman Copeland said...

Diane, sorry that I sometimes talk philosophically about science, I spend so much time studying that I forget other people are a little less tuned to science theory...

Anyway, I was trying to explain that I think the space head visual cover suits her.

[I know I talk what seem's like jibberish, but, you guys want to acronym everything, it's cringable to think you want it all smaller...]

オテモヤン said...


Diane said...

Norman, dearie, spare us the superiority complex and just say what you mean next time. But hey, at least you're better than Asian porn. Not by much, but it's something :)

PillowNaut said...

mreow! hiss! wow, the claws come out, LOL... people are getting punchy lately, must be cabin fever from the snow keeping people indoors??! i know the feeling. i can't wait for it to be warm enough to throw open all the windows and doors and commence spring cleaning :)