Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Art From Oz


Liane Foord, seasoned veteran of Drysdale Australia’s Department of Education, has taught for over 30 years at 4 different primary schools, and sent me perhaps one of the most gratifying emails I have ever received since beginning my blog!

Mrs. Foord wrote to tell me that she and her entire class were following my posts while learning about space science, and her class was also kind enough to swap postcards with me. I picked out a Houstonian card to mail to them from NASA’s Johnson Space Center, and in return, received a beautiful collage of sights from their largest nearby city: Geelong, just southwest of Melbourne in the territory of Victoria, Australia.

And I’m so happy they also just shared some of their school artwork with me! It’s not often one can say they grabbed the attention of a whole classroom full of brainy kids, so I’m loving this:

Solar System Projects

The pictured Solar System projects were proudly made by Year 4 students at Drysdale Primary School as part of their studies on a Unit on Space. Some of my more passionate readers will be pleased to know that most of the students still included Pluto in their creations – and some even included Eris & Ceres! Impressive!

Click here for full size pictures on a separate web page so you can see the details, and I've also added their photos to my Arts & Crafts Picasa Gallery.


Mrs. L said...

And this is why you need to keep doing this. If ONE kid decides to follow a dream into space it's all worth it.

Clarice said...

Very Cool! keep up the good work :)

cristine said...

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I'd like to request you for link back (if possible).

Liane said...

Thanks for posting up the photos Heather. My students were so excited to see their projects on the web. It made their day! They are off on school camp now but will write to you when they get back!

Mimi and Tilly said...

Hi Pillownaut, I love this post. I was a teacher for thirteen years, and remember how much the children I taught loved to be connected and directly involved with people in the field they were studying. It's so great you have a whole class on the other side of the world following you! Great art work too!