Friday, September 25, 2009

The Outpost


Here's a great spot everyone should take time to visit if they’re anywhere around Johnson Space Center and enjoying all the great NASA novelties!

The Outpost is a bar-slash-restaurant known as a longtime favorite hangout for astronauts, flight controllers and other various ground crew personnel. Yep, here's where the first space travelers and moonwalkers used to kick back after work.

The Outpost
It looks like a tiny barn that could collapse into a dusty cloud of kindling at any moment. Guidebooks and travel web sites for Houston mince no words, outright referring to it as a "swamp," "hole-in-the-wall" or a "dive" – which it is... but in a quaint and charming "shack turned historical monument" kinda way.

The structure itself served as barracks at Ellington Field during World War II, but moved sometime in the 1960s to its current location near Interstate 45 on Kings Lynn Street (southwest corner of NASA Parkway and Egret Bay Blvd.) Since then, a succession of owners have acquired an incredible collection of space paraphernalia, astronaut photos and autographs, mission emblems, flight gear, and a tasteful memorial to the crew of Shuttle Columbia:

Shuttle Columbia Memorial
The Outpost was featured in two films, Rocketman and Space Cowboys, as well as the ABC television movie, The Challenger. Representative sets of the astronaut hangout were also constructed for Apollo 13 and Armageddon.

I'm sorry that I cannot offer an honest review of the cuisine, because I don't make a habit of eating Hot Wings or Jalapeño Burgers bigger than my HEAD. Reading the menu wasn’t particularly inspiring, though I admit to being curious as to what the "Porker Salad" or the "Oink Oink + Moo Moo Burger” might look like.

But I understand the menu is quite popular with the NASA locals... who say that AsCans still celebrate the completion of program training here.

Houston, Texas
Definitely check out my photo gallery or their photo gallery, if for no other reason than to marvel at the insanely inappropriate saloon doors. Or join their e-mail alerts, to see when they have live musical acts, and annual barbeque, chili or gumbo cooking contests.

Thanks Joe & Chris, for showing us this awesome spot! :)


Rick said...

Thanks! I knew I saw this place in "Space Cowboys". :-)

Anonymous said...

I went to the outpost for the first time recently. While sitting at the bar a lady came over to look at the photos shellacked into the bar surface.
She started identifying herself and various astronauts, test pilots, mission directors and other NASA personnel. Very Cool!

brian said...

This place is also featured in almost every episode of Defying Gravity, although I don't think they call it by the same name.

Mrs. L said...

You didn't try the Oink Oink + Moo Moo burger? How could you not!!?? :)

PillowNaut said...

Nah, if I'm going to go into a transfats coma, I'd prefer to save it up for pizza!! ;)

HobieSailor said...

I love that place. I randomly stumbled across it while working in Clear Lake for a few weeks.

John said...

FYI the outpost will be closing it's doors for good mid January 2010. The land it sits on has been sold (the outpost never owned the land). A huge piece of NASA history is going to be lost just to put up another faceless stripmall.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.