Sunday, February 8, 2009


I knew he was going to do "Up" as his next theme, I just knew it! LOL, here is another Written Inc. Thematic Photography challege, and what went DOWN must come UP, as the saying doesn't go...

Anyway, I've again chosen a favorite astronaut photo, so I'm a bit of a cheat because I obviously didn't take this.

NASA Astronaut

A member of the Atlantis crew captured this excellent shot of astronaut Marsha Sue Ivins in February 2001, on STS-98 just before they delivered the Destiny Laboratory Module to the ISS. Now that's an updo!

For originality linkback, here's one from my own camera... a memorable "UP" photograph of a curious giraffe checking me out through my open car window, taken at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas.

Curious Giraffe


Carmi said...

I love the giraffe pic. They are my favorite animals...too bad the logistics of giraffe pet ownership just wouldn't work here.

Even though you were some 210 miles below the vantage point of the photog who snapped Marsha Sue Ivins's pic, I like how you managed to optically turn things around with some neat perspective work. I feel like I could reach out and touch some long-necked fur. Such sweetness...and oh so perfect for this week's theme!

Pamela said...

If I was in that first photo - I would look like a dandelion!

I never tire of looking up at Giraffes. Never.

Wonderful choices.

Awareness said...

I hadn't scrolled down right away to see it was a woman's hair flying up and thought it was a macro pic of a ripe dandelion...great photo.

and I love the giraffe photo. They are the most interesting looking animals...great pic.

Greybear said...

Great pix - Great Blog! Keep it coming!

bobbie said...

these are wonderful! I really love the hair!

Catherine said...

Giraffes are my favourite animal to photograph at the safari park near our city - they are so photogenic. (Unfortunately they are behind a fence, so no shots of them peering in open car windows!)

The hairdo is amazing!

Light and Voices said...

Oh what a sweet giraffe peeking in and you didn't procrastinate. Good job!