Friday, December 5, 2008

FOX News Redux

The other reason I drove south was because Fox Reporter Ned Hibberd and Photographer Mike Foster contacted me about a follow-up story, after seeing that the NASA studies had been interrupted by Hurricane Ike. Here is a pre-show teaser from the 9 O'Clock news a few days ago:

When they asked about the island evacuation, the above clip was the tail end of a comment I made about how I couldn't believe the huge effort it takes to get so many residents out of an area.

A few written blurbs are in the Fox Archives under "Hurricane Ike Disrupts NASA Bed Rest Study." They showed that excerpt, and other bits of us walking around Hermann Park in Houston.


Manuel said...

Congratulations on being on tv.
You have a nice voice.
I hope you can get back on the programm. It's something i would like to do too

Sound Man "G" said...

So, will y'all be eligible to restart the bedrest study program, or are y'all going to do something different?

I am debating about applying right now, as I am in a transition process with school. I am getting ready to re-apply for Radiology Tech school in February, and am hoping to start the classes in July.