Friday, June 19, 2009

Moon Poll

It's not news, it's CNN. Yesterday, the "most trusted name in news" ran an interesting moon poll. Alas, it's already gone from their website -- which is weird, because polls sometimes sit there for days -- but I snapped a screenshot of the final score before it was replaced.

Some text responses to the poll on FARK and Wonkette:

Nabb1: Would I have to join a HOA?

trapped-in-CH: I'm a little too old now, but in my 20s I'd have given a limb or a spare organ to live on the moon.

blick: bang! zoom! to da moon alice!

dabishop: I wouldn't mind opening up a driving range there. "Nice shot, Mr. Gates; that one went 2,400 yards."

Kar98: I live in rural Texas. Might as well live on the moon. Anybody in Austin looking for a computer guy? Or a painter?

Lando: I'll start up our own WWW up there (I'll call it the MWW). Since we'll be in low gravity it will be even FASTER than Earth's! It's science.

dijetlo: Any chance that the 23% who said yes is the Republican base? If so, let’s get started, we just need a really big sling shot.

FP: Trick question, it doesn't specify which moon.

Mild Midwesterner: Sure, I would love to live on a sound stage in Arizona.

WhatTheHeck: All youse guys who want to go, we’ll call Moonies. And please live on the dark side of the moon so we don’t have to see you lunartics.

NBunny: Next poll: Would you...
(a) Like to swing on a star.
(b) Carry moonbeams home in a jar.
(c) Be better off than you are.
(d) Undecided.


Mrs. L said...

Hysterical responses!

Sach said...

I'd say a hearty big YES! And I'm not a repub! Some funny responses, bunch of pessimistic people too! I'd say we should shoot those people off to the dark side of the moon, but then again don't want to dirty up the moon with them!

All I can think of is my name on that flash memory flying through space, as I type this out, on its way to the moon! Whew!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, sign me up. I am sure they would find a way to use a 75 yr old. Clean your house, type your reports? I have wanted to go to the moon since I was 11 years old. Mrs. L said she would put my ashes in space! Roz